Welcome to Gorgeous Gorilla Gang

Gorgeous Gorilla Gang is a revolutionary collection of 8,888 unique gorgeous gorillas living at The Fraternity on Polygon’s blockchain. The Parties at The Fraternity are Legendary!


Lead Developer

Crypto Maniac, Developer, Weed connoisseur, Entrepeneur and enjoyer of life in general. Jay is the Master of the Fraternity, leader and good fren.

Jay Byrnes A.K.A


      Former graffiti artist (wink, wink) 2D, artist, front-end developer, loving father. From Amsterdam with love and peace to all.

      Chris Otero Gois A.K.A

          Mining Guru

          Coding, Mining, Growing, Rich has great knowledge about the DNA of NFT`s and Seeds. Mining Guru here to make a radical change in the space.

          Richard Pollard A.K.A
          Gorgeous Rich

          OUR GOALS


          GGG Genesis launch
          PHASE 1
          GGG Males launch
          Gorgeous Gorilla Gang is a revolutionary collection of 8,888 unique gorgeous gorillas living at The Fraternity on Polygon’s blockchain.
          AFTER 100% MINT GGG
          PHASE 2
          GGG Females Airdropped

          Holders get $Gollars for holding both males and females 1:1.
          GGG Females will be airdropped after full mint of GGG males.

          PHASE 3
          First vote

          Voting rights on which NFTs are additionally bought for the DAO Vault,Blue chip NFTs, Metaland and more.

          PHASE 4
          Launch $Gollar

          Up to 10$Gollar per day per holder of GGG Male + Female 1:1.
          $Gollars is used for future minting projects and The Fraternity.

          PHASE 5
          GGG Babies

          GGG Babies will cost 300 $Gollar 10.000 total supply.
          Holders get fractionalized NFT airdrops.

          PHASE 6
          Fractionalized NFTs DAO

          Rewards to holders of GGG Babies.
          1st DAO vote on vault sale.

          PHASE 7
          Launch GGG Game

          Earn $Gollar for playing the GGG Game.
          Open for all holders.


          The 3 founders are: Jay, Chris and Richie. We are a diverse team with experience in 2D art, Animation, Coding, Solidity, Mining, Hash Lips, After Effects and more.
          We are a growing team and expanding the network of the Gorgeous Gorilla Gang every day. Devoted to providing the most benefit to our users, we will continue to provide updates and improvements along the way.

          Land Dao – Land in various Metaverses will be purchased and held in the Land Dao Wallet.
          Blue Chip Dao – We plan to buy Blue Chip Nfts with underlying utility to benefit the Dao Wallet.
          Red Chip Dao – These are Nfts that are new to the market but have a proven track record so far. Red Chips will be purchased and held in the Dao Wallet.
          Startup Dao – We will mint new projects that have potential and a promising team.
          Dao Technicals – Holders will be able to vote on new items acquired for the Dao. They will also be able to vote on whether to hold or sell.

          GGGs are not classified, nor will they be classified as a security. Our team is dedicated to being open, honest, and secure. In doing so, we maintain our future longevity and protection. At the present time, we will be creating a community wallet. All funds will be held in this wallet until we have legalities arranged. As laws continue to tighten down and change in the NFT space, we are continuing to do everything we can to operate within the legislation.

          We are working on implementing a token called Gollar. 1 Gollar = 1 Gollar. The implementation of this token will be determined on how we achieve things from a legal as well as a technical standpoint. We want a balanced ecosystem that is secure to and rewarding holders. This is what we are striving for.

          Our website will include a yearbook tab shortly after full mint. Owners will be able to connect their wallet to the yearbook, verify ownership and change their NFTs bio or name. Clicking on your yearbook image will link directly to Opensea.